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Take interest in your wife’s medical condition

If your wife takes as neglect your absents for her medical appointments the child, may pick it as rejection from the father, just be there it pays.

One area in which most fathers are found wanting is taking interest in the medical condition of their wives. It pays and mean a lot to your wife to realise that as the father of the pregnancy you are concerned about her medical condition. It is unfortunate that some men do not even take time to accompany their wives to a clinic. Even for review most husband will always give reasons of their busy schedule and plans. Dad be reminded we are in this together. This is our child and not my child. We are 50/50 partners in raising up our child. Getting to know your wife’s medical condition will help in cases she needs help at home. Of interest is that some pregnancies will require the mother to have months of rest. In such cases the father needs to take up the other responsibilities from the mother’s list of tasks. It is unfortunate that some men take their wives’ complaints about their health as a sheer seeking of attention. Our understanding
goes a long way. Let us be mindful of our wives medical requirements.

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